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Apple’s I- Pad 2: Features and Expectations

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 8:34 am
Apple will finally debut the iPad 2 at a San Francisco event on March 2, sources claim. Since the original iPad was released last April, many expect Apple to have the iPad 2 available in that month as well.

As with every major Apple device launch, rumors about the iPad 2 have been floating around for some time. So What are the feautures that one can expect the iPad 2 to have?
IPad 2 is expected to be smaller with a flat shell as against the previous iPad. It is clear that it will have front and rear cameras. The front camera has a high resolution and will allow users to use FaceTime or Skype whereas the rear camera would allow them to take pictures. It is expected to have a memory of 512MB like that of the iPhone 4. It is almost certain that the iPad 2 will sport a New multi-core “A5″ processor based on Cortex A9 and a high resolution display (2048×1536) The iPad 2 is also expected to have better speaker than the previous models as improving it is cheap and apple has faced lot of criticism against it.
The iPad 2 is expected to have an improved processor, storage and so on to make real iPad iLife no longer an impossibility. New iLife and Lion-based apps have fullscreen interfaces that could more easily be transferred to iPad (or be indirectly controlled by one).
Finally the apple iPAd 2 is expected to have two cameras, a vastly improved screen and graphics processor, a thinner form factor at the same aspect ratio, better speakers, and possibly an SD card slot.