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mycseb ,just another simple android app!

mycseb is a simple android application to get updates,announcements,schedules, timetable ...... its still under development stage!!!!, contributors can drop me
Download here!!!!

YAFA by me

Yet another Fun APP for sdmcet , check out this new SDM Search Engine, created using google Custom search and appengine!

my first Chrome extension

hi, today i developed my own Chrome extension, named e-remainder, it just like alarm, you can set the time and your own tone as remainder!! but not yet uploaded in, still experiments are going on..

send mail from port 25

               telnet remotemailserver 25
                                                        helo localdomainname
yourmail adress: any address (you can  add virtual address , and try email spoofing)

you will receive message as 250 ok

Recipient mail address->enter 

you will receive message as recipient ok

enter data
enter your message


then you'ill get

message as

message queued

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